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About Home Office Digital

Home Office Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) designs, builds and develops services for the rest of the department and for government. Our capability is at the core of Home Office evolution. Our role is to enable transformation through improved business efficiency.

The DDaT function is at an exciting point of evolution. Since 2010, the delivery of technology services within the UK government has been radically transformed, in particular relating to the relationship with large suppliers. Major changes were implemented to enable departments to take back control of the design, build and/or operate aspects of their key technology services wherever appropriate. In many cases, such changes enable optimised economics, greater leverage of niche suppliers with deep subject matter expertise, better understanding and management of technical risk and greater agility and responsiveness to evolving business needs.

DDaT function is made up of around 2,500 staff, augmented by a number of supplier partners. Every year our systems support over 3 million visa applications, checks on 100 million border crossings, 5 million passport applications and 140 million police checks on people, vehicles and property.

Our main delivery centres are in Croydon, Sheffield and Manchester with satellite offices in Southport, Westminster, Liverpool, west London and north London.

Attracting talented professionals

In line with our DDaT People Plan we are increasing our civil service headcount in a number of DDaT roles.

We already have a host of benefits for staff; from our excellent pensions packages and a serious focus on continuous professional development. And you get these as you work on cutting edge e-government solutions.

We want more people to build their careers in the civil service and the Home Office is a fantastic place to make that a reality. We’re excited about welcoming more DDaT professionals. We’re committed to continuously developing our culture and communities of practice. We’re confident that whatever part you play in the Home Office DDaT team you will be able to use your valuable experiences to keep citizens safe and the country secure as you build your DDaT career.

We’re proud to provide a structure for the DDaT Profession in the Home Office sponsored by experts in the senior civil service. This gives our professional technical people the leadership they need to flourish as they deliver their best work. We employ in the following roles (naturally subject to change as we create leading-edge digital, data and technology solutions).

Here is a list of job roles within our directorate:

• Business Architecture
• Data Architecture
• Security Architecture
• Technical Architecture
• Performance Analyst
• Data Engineering
• Data Science
• Data Analysis
• Technology Product Manager
• Delivery Manager
• Software Engineering
• DevOps Engineering
• Infrastructure Engineering
• Network Engineering
• Security Engineering
• Plan, Engage, Improve
• Design and Transition
• Deliver and Support
• Product Manager
• Product Owner
• Business Analyst
• QAT Analyst
• Test Engineer
• QAT Delivery
• Performance Testing
• Content Designer
• Service Designer
• Interaction Designer
• User Researcher
• Accessibility and Inclusion


About this blog

This blog is written by Home Office Digital, Data and Technology team members and also features contributions from some of the service areas we work with.

Our posts aim to give an insight into the kind of work that we do and what it's like to work here. We're also keen to share what we have learned and invite input.

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