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Software Developer apprenticeships at the Home Office

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Image showing software developer, Ajay Mungur

The Software Developer Accelerated Apprenticeship scheme at DDaT at the Home Office in both London and Manchester is now open for applications from existing civil servants. Career switcher, Ajay Mungur, recently graduated with distinction from his apprenticeship. He now works as a full-time associate software developer at the Home Office. He talks about his journey here.

What are we doing in DevOps at the Home Office?

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Image of Head of Software Engineering at DDaT Home Office, Will McGeehin

People in DDaT at the Home Office are working on cutting edge stuff: Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform and Amazon Web Service across a number of platforms. Will McGeehin, Head of Software Engineering, talks about the evolving interpretations of DevOps at the Home Office and what you can do to get involved.

How does CoLab help the Home Office solve problems?

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An image of two colleagues pointing to flowcharts on a wall in the workplace.

Deputy Director for Design and Research, Katy Arnold, describes the structured and repeatable approach CoLab in the Home Office uses to solve problems. Utilising a combination of user research and knowledge of Home Office operations, the approach is flexible, can be applied to a range of different problems and delivers diverse solutions.

Apprentices - making an impact at Home Office Digital Data and Technology

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Eleanor West

With skills in Digital, Data and Technology in high demand, the Home Office has a vision to establish a sustained, high quality flow of entry-level resources across all DDaT job families. Building our Civil Service workforce We know we need …